What is Vibra-Dermabrasion?

Effective, Convenient Micro-Dermabrasion treatment. Vibra-Dermabrasion creates immediate results after just one treatment, but also starts to create new collagen in as few as three treatments.

In the past, machines have used small particles of Aluminum Oxide to "Sandblast" the skin. These machines treat a very small spot making it difficult to evenly treat a large area. They can also cause significant irritation.

Vibraderm uses a large paddle coated with fixed abrasives. Large areas can be treated evenly with less irritation. Studies have shown that Vibra-Dermabrasion is more effective than other Micro-Dermabrasion and patients prefer it.

Vibra-Dermabrasion therapy produces exfoliation (removes dead skin) on any part of the body. The process is fast and very comfortable for the patients and produces exceptional results. 75-85% of the stratum corneum is removed in minutes and prepares the skin for many additional procedures such as Skin Hydration, Chemical Peel, Micro-Peel to name a few.

Vibra-Dermabrasion helps wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, acne scars, loose baggy skin and overall freshens the looks.

Vibrafusion Therapy will typically produce a 500% increase in the absorption of any topical product. Vibrafusion Therapy will massage the clinician’s choice of product deep into the skin producing enhanced results from the products.

If you are considering Micro-Dermabrasion, try Vibra-Dermabrasion with Vibrafusion and feel the skin changes to your face, arms, back, legs, and/or feet. In as little as 2 minutes per zone you will see why Good Morning Chicago called the Vibraderm Skin Restoration System “Yoga for the Skin”.



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