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Micro Needling & Vampire Facial

Anti-Aging & Wellness Center

Micro Needling & Vampire Facial

What is micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a facial treatment using tiny needles to cause microscopic abrasions in the first layer of skin which typically do not bleed, or only bleed minimally. The tiny abrasions cause the skin to react by creating more collagen, which firms and plumps the skin. It’s a safe and effective way to reduce lines and wrinkles and slow the signs of aging when used on a regular basis.

Who is micro-needling for?

· Micro-needling is for you if you want to reduce lines and wrinkles and have firm, collagen-rich skin that glows. Micro-needling is also good for reducing the appearance of scars from acne or surgery. It is one of the best treatments for strengthening and toning the under eye area to improve the appearance of dark circles and bags under your eyes. You can begin using it at any age and see beautiful results.

How long does micro-needling last?

The clinical application of micro-needling will last on average 6-8 weeks. The treatment should be repeated on a regular basis for best results.

What are the side-effects of micro-needling?

Micro-needling may cause redness, itching, and irritation that will typically resolve within a day. Any products applied after micro-needling will absorb into the skin layers more easily for even better results of the treatment.

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What is the vampire facial?

Vampire facial is the term used for facial rejuvenation with platelet-rich-plasma, or PRP. Platelets are the healing cells in your blood that promote healing and repair at the site of an injury. The PRP promotes regeneration of any area of the body it is injected into. The procedure involves drawing your own blood, then isolating the platelets and plasma components of the blood. This mix is then injected into your facial skin in multiple locations with a very small and thin needle. The bleeding caused by the injections is where the term vampire facial came from.

Who is the vampire facial for?

The vampire facial is for anyone who wants facial rejuvenation. It is particularly good for lines and wrinkles, scars, and for treating the difficult under-eye area.

How long does the vampire facial last?

The skin will continue to regenerate for up to 3 months after the treatment. The effects of the treatment will last for up to one year.

How long does the vampire facial last?

Bruising, pain, and swelling may occur after the vampire facial. These are temporary side effects that may last for up to one week. Because the procedure uses your own blood, there is no risk for immune rejection or other serious complications.

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The doctors at Anti-Aging & Wellness Center can help you decide if the procedure is right for you. Ask for a consult today to start your journey toward younger looking skin!



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