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You may think of dehydration or surgery when you hear the word intravenous (IV), but outpatient IV therapies can deliver crucial nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more) and fluids for optimal health and to resolve infections and other conditions. Dr. Shivinder Deol uses IV therapies to improve your health, boost immune systems, and optimize long term health. Contact the Anti-Aging & Wellness Center by calling the number listed or clicking the “Book now” button to explore IV therapies further.

IV Therapies Q & A

What is intravenous (IV) therapy?

Various nutritional compounds are best delivered intravenously. Vitamin C, for example, can upset the digestive system in high oral doses, but is well tolerated in much higher doses if given directly into the bloodstream. IV nutrition goes to work immediately to improve health status and immune function.

Who is IV therapy for?

There are many reasons IV therapy may be for you, and lots of health benefits for healthy people as well as for those fighting illness. If you have anything from a desire to support your immune system and overall health, to the common cold, to cancer, there is an IV protocol for you.

How long does IV therapy last?

One IV treatment will generally last from 3-14 days, depending on what is being treated. Ask your doctor for guidelines in your treatment plan.

What are the side effects of IV therapy?

Different IV mixes have varying effects. Occasional bruising at the area of the IV entry is common. Please be hydrated when you arrive for IV therapy as that will help your IV technician start your IV easily.

Ask for a consult:

Ask the doctors at Anti-Aging & Wellness Center if IV therapy could be useful for any health condition you may have.

Types of IV available and their benefits:

IV Vitamin C:

A master nutrient, vitamin C is proven to help fight viral infections, support immune health, and is even helpful as an adjunctive therapy in many cancer patients.

IV Glutathione:

The master antioxidant can provide you with more energy and better health at a cellular level.

IV Chelation:

Chelation helps stabilize arterial plaque, remove heavy metals and other toxins, and improve liver, kidney, and brain function.


NAD helps with improved memory, concentration, and mood, reduces pain, fights inflammation, and boosts energy.

IV Hydrogen Peroxide fights infections and reduces inflammation.

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