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What is it?

Prolotherapy is a non-toxic mixture of 5% dextrose (sugar) water, lidocaine or procaine, vitamins and sometimes sarapin or herbs which are injected to reduce pain and inflammation in joints, ligaments, tendons and trigger points of sore muscles. The prolotherapy mixture causes temporary inflammation in the treated areas stimulating increased blood flow and healing chemicals that promote healing and rejuvenation of the injured tissues. There is no cortisone or steroid in these injections.

Who is it good for?

If you have chronic pain of any kind, chronic neck or back pain, chronic injuries, muscle spasm, arthritis or degenerative joint disease, you can benefit by these injections.

How long does prolotherapy last?

Results vary and many patients see benefits after only 1-2 treatments. Others may need more treatments and periodic repeat treatments.

What are the side effects?

The injections are mildly painful as most injections and pain resolves rapidly. There is minor risk of bruising, swelling, or infection at any injection site. Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen, are not recommended as these may suppress the desired inflammatory healing action of the prolotherapy injections.

Prolozone (Prolo + Ozone) Injections:

Prolozone is prolotherapy mixture along with ozone (O3) gas injected in inflamed painful areas to stimulate healing and repair. Ozone is very powerful in stimulating healing factors in joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles to help repair injury and reduce pain and inflammation.

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