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Anti-Aging & Wellness Center

Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine located in Bakersfield, CA & Tehachapi, CA

Anti-Aging & Wellness Center appreciates feedback from our valued patients. We have received 100s of positive reviews. We thank everyone who has taken time to write. Please read what few others are saying about the Anti-Aging & Wellness Center below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

2020-02-01 00:07:44
Thorough explanation of my challenges by Dr Deol. While there are a lot of options to help me, he addressed my concerns, explained his recommendations but allowed me to choose what I was ready to do. He dealt with me on my diet and to understand why!
Kim B
2020-02-01 00:23:58
Great experience. Great staff. Felt listened to and cared for during my visit
Susan G
2020-02-01 00:30:42
I received good information from my first visit. I feel with her help, we will get me feeling stronger and healthier.
Randeep D
2020-02-02 22:16:34
Excellent Service, Excellent Treatment.
Geeta J.
2020-02-10 00:27:29
I am so pleased and so thankful to the divine guidance for guiding me to this facility. Now I know a lot more things, treatments, life style changes, nutritional management, iv vitamin C, ozone, etc so I can try to fight cancer so I can be alive for few y
Tawny C.
2020-02-10 00:27:37
Dr. Phillips is kind, well educated in her field, and easy to talk to. I look forward to working with her on executing the personal health plan she has created for me. 5 stars for sure
Sue L.
2020-02-10 00:58:05
I have gone to Dr Deol for 10 years. Love that he is both MD and ND. Important to me to pursue natural methods first and incorporate traditional medicine if needed. The staff is great.
Kim H.
2020-02-10 00:58:30
Excellent always a wonderful and helpful experience. Dr. Deol best doctor ever
Jeff S.
2020-02-10 00:58:58
Great customer service. Clean safe environment and top notch medical team!
Tanya K.
2020-02-10 00:59:25
Prompt service, Nice staff
David S.
2020-02-10 00:59:50
Yet another productive and efficient wellness visit. Utilized some alternative therapies. Specifically, prolotherapy and PEMF. Both for chronic pain issues. Extremely happy with results. Dr. Phillips is a great asset to have on my healing and wellness team. Can't say enough. Outstanding practice right here in Tehachapi.
Geoff G.
2020-02-10 01:00:08
I always have a great experience at Dr. Deol's office. Also Dr. Rockafellow was great. Thanks again!
Judy Carbajal
2022-08-18 02:29:09
Dr. Deol has been my Dr. for about 18 years. He has helped me through the years with many issues. The first was a fractured shoulder, in 4 places. I was told by an orthopedicst that I would probably never be able to lift my arm over my head again. Dr.. Deol very calmly sached me into the Hyperberic Oxygen Chamber and within 3 weeks I had full function of my arm again. I have done numerous IVs and done most of the treatments Dr. Deol offers. Supplements are a big part of my daily regime and I know that I am taking the right ones because he researches everything extensively. In my 7th decade of life I take very little medicine. I attribute this all to Dr. Deol's approach and guidance. The real test was last November when I was in Colorado and I contracted Delta Covid 19. I immediately got in my car and returned to Bakersfield to Dr. Deol who met me at the office. I was really sick and on Oxygen. Dr. Deol, I am well convinced, saved my life. He treated me with 2 IV's a day for 8 days and Hyperberic Oxygen. I could barely drag myself to the office but his treatments by the Grace of God pulled me through. I had secondary conditions that could have caused this to turn out a very differently. He was so caring and he kept telling me " Judy, you are going to be alright". That is one thing I really love about him, he always makes you feel like things are going to be Ok!! I know alot of the top Antiaging Doctors in the country and he is right up there with them all. We are blessed to have him and his wonderful staff in Bakersfield.

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