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Red Light Therapy  

Red Light Therapy  

What is Vevazz?

Vevazz is a red-light emitting table, much like a tanning bed. The red light penetrates the skin and reduces fat cells and inflammation, improves skin conditions, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks, and boosts immunity.

Who is Vevazz good for?

Vevazz is good for those wanting an aid to their weight loss plan, people who want to reduce cellulite, anyone with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, those wanting to reduce scars and wrinkles, and anyone seeking to improve their overall immune health.

How long does Vevazz last?

The Vevazz treatment can be repeated as often as the patient’s time and budget will allow. An optimal regimen is to use it 1-3 times a week, or more if possible!

What are the side effects of Vevazz?

There are no known side effects to Vevazz LED light therapy. Side benefits include relaxation, rejuvenation, and better overall health and well-being.

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